GSoC project begins

Hi, I'm glad to be selected for this year's GSoC and work with the QuTiP team on the proposed topic "Noise Models in QIP Module". I come from China and am a physics master student at ETH in Switzerland, interested in quantum computing and simulation. I'm looking forward to spending the summer with the qutip community, NumFOCUS and other GSoC participants on this project.

The task of this project is mainly to add some methods under the qutip.qip module that will help to analyze a quantum circuit in the presence of noise. We plan to make use of the existing qutip.control model to generate a time-dependent Hamiltonian representation of the quantum circuit. By creating noise on the level of each Hamiltonian and feed them to the open system solver, we should be able to study how the quantum circuit is influenced by noise.

Currently, we are at the community bonding stage. I'm studying the code of qip and other related modules, trying to understand the logic and making some patches if possible. On the same time, I plan to make a more clear overview of the methods to implement, write a more detailed requirement for the main methods/classes and figure out a clear structure.


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